Episode #150 featuring Joe Mabbott

episode150_webJoe Mabbott is the owner/operator of the Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis. Joe and his studio have housed many respectable names including Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, Brother Ali and our very own, Johnny Questionmark. We got some great insight into the behind the scenes work that goes into recording some of your favorite albums with Joe. We also organized a knitting circle to gossip about the Rhymesayers 20 year anniversary show, GZAs “Liquid Swords” album turning platinum and 20 at the same time, Madonna visiting Prince at Paisley Park, yeah we talk about it. Finally another Prince, of Belle Air, reunites with DJ Jazzy Jeff for a new album? …you got that right because we talk about that too.

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Intro: GZA “4th Chamber”
Outro: Brother Ali “The Preacher”

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