Episode #7 featuring Team Bad Decision

Episode #7 feat Team Bad DecisionThankYouRob Podcast, Episode 07 with special guest co-hosts Mereness and Tress: Team Bad Decision! We discuss the most important Adam Sandler films that have impacted our generation. We feast upon the saturated fatness of Pearsons Salted Nut Rolls and discuss the upcoming Team Bad Decision album “Project Mayhem”. Episode 07 (right click, save target as…)


This episode was recorded at Robs house, while bouncing on one foot, tapping my head and rubbing my belly. Mereness stood in the pilates table-top pose for 45 minutes and Tress held her arms out in the shape of a “T” while standing on her tip-toes. We achieved a moment of zen as we were able to receive perfect over-the-air TV reception.