Who’s Rob?

Rob Small aka Rob Schmahl aka Phatty McGee are names known by many…and names unknown by many more.  He is a man with a vision. A vision that is often blurred between fantasy and reality.  For instance, one time Rob’s family left for a vacation to France over the holidays and left Rob at home…alone.  He was forced to fend off burglars by using Micro Machines, paint cans, Christmas tree ornaments and other miscellaneous household items.  Then, once again, 2 years later, his family left for a vacation to Florida and left Rob alone…in an airport, where he took an incorrect flight to New York City, instead of Florida.  This could either be a terrible case of child neglect or a setup for a movie franchise.  Either way, again, Rob was alone in a large and strange city to fend off the same two burglars he’d encountered a few years earlier.

After years of therapy and spiritual journeys, Rob has overcome his childhood abandonment obstacles and has found a passion in music and comedy.  Rob has also realized that he has very important things to say and that you should listen.  In 2010, Rob met a guy named Chuck Chase.  Naturally, Chuck and Rob thought each other were very funny.  They both were right.  So they started a comedy team called Some Peoples Kids which has made them millions of imaginary dollars…in the real world, however, they are still poor, but still funny.  Together, the duo recorded the Some Peoples Kids Podcast, which lasted 6 episodes, until the 2 got sick of each other. Rob then found the time to make a more musical focused podcast featuring a guest musician as the co-host.  The show has been dubbed the ThankYouRob Podcast and has been hailed as the newest podcast in the Schmahl family, until somebody else creates a newer show. In 2014 Rob was on a mission to find an intern but instead found God Johnny Questionmark, who is now taking co-host responsibilities and the show has become slightly better because of it……slightly.